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Manufacturing Process Solutions 

  • Consulting and advising to the joinery and flat panel manufacturing industries

  • Developing conceptual and staged strategies for lean production system implementation

  • Efficiency analysis of existing cabinets lines

  • Office to machine flow line integration strategies

  • Advising on implementing LEAN factory layouts

  • Andrew’s experience in setting up and operating joinery manufacturing facilities, spans over 40 years. Andrews forward-thinking ideas are driven, through implementation of efficient processes, software integration and latest machine technology

  • Do you need help?

  • Manufactures are often happy to invest 100’s of thousands if not millions on latest European machine technology, whilst then begrudgingly spending just thousands on software, and then spend little on LEAN production system implementation. 

  • In other words, they spend little on what happens before or after the machine

  • Does this sound familiar?  

  •  Consider spending time with Andrew as a learning experience

   Watch the links below to see some of our handywork:

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